More than Beauty… {Pleasanton, Dublin and San Francisco Photographer} Dayna Titus

This is a really fun teaser, because I just cannot wait to post the whole session… this image will be part of an incredible blog post very soon, I promise.     There is a reason it’s titled “More than Beauty”.    And I truly cannot wait to share it with you!

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Underwater… Yes, Please! {Pleasanton, San Ramon & Danville Teen Photographer} Dayna Titus

I don’t know how it happened, I really don’t!    Considering I would never give a thought to scuba diving, and even fear snorkeling.. how in the world did I fall in love with underwater photography? And the funniest thing is, I’m extremely calm and in my element when I’m shooting underwater.      If I was told I had to snorkel or take a scuba lesson, no way!      I don’t even know how to explain it.

A friend of mine is both a scuba diver and a photographer.    While I’ve always admired his cool Nemo-like images, I never saw myself as anything other than a portrait photographer (ok sometimes landscape photographer too!).      I would probably not be the one to call for pictures of fish.     Not that there’s anything wrong with that:)    I just don’t have the passion for it.      But hand me a camera with waterproof housing and BOOM I’m there, suddenly convincing a client or friend to let me shoot them in a pool.

You can expect a lot more underwater postings from me, and you can soon book your own session for this.     There are soooo many possibilities and endless types of sessions that can be done in the water and under it.     Please contact me if you are interested in this… I have access to a fantastic pool and will begin offering underwater/in-water sessions as soon as September.

Dayna Titus is an award-winning, Bay Area based portrait and on-set stills photographer.   2013 “Best of the Best” Gold Winner  - Bay Area Parent Magazine.     Please use the Contact button above for more information on any of your photography needs.

Lake Tahoe… Beach… Sunset: Enough Said! {South Lake Tahoe Child Photographer} Dayna Titus

There is nothing like Lake Tahoe in the summer… just nothing like it.    To fully appreciate it, you have to actually spend time there.    I am really very fortunate to have the best of both worlds.   I live in both the Bay area and Lake Tahoe.     I am an avid skier so I visit in the winter too, and shoot in the winter, but my favorite and absolutely most gratifying is doing beach sessions for clients in the summer.     Thousands vacation on this beautiful lake and I know so many value the unique photographs they get while here.

It’s not easy to get to Tahoe for those not within driving distance; there is no local airport on the south shore (my favorite part of Tahoe!), so a flight to Reno and a 60-80 minute drive is then necessary.    But… it’s so worth it!     The turquoise blue water, out-of-the-way beaches, and tons of great restaurants make it a worthwhile trip.

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures from a beach session for the last few weeks but haven’t had time.     This one is my own little girl but I try to encourage all of my clients to let me shoot at this particular location, as it’s lesser known, a bit more private, and the lighting is gorgeous!      If you’re in the South Lake Tahoe area or can get here, I don’t think you will regret a beach session:)

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Lisa Stewart - 06/26/2013 - 4:38 pm

We are staying in Glenbrook for the week and would love some family photos. We have 4 children thinking about our Christmas photo early please let me know if you are currently up here and if your availability. Realize that it’s a short notice.

Thanks Lisa 209 648/4760

Everyone Loves GRANDMA! {Livermore & Pleasanton Child Photographer} Dayna Titus

We all know that grandparents have a special bond with their grandchildren… and what child doesn’t love their grandma? Getting spoiled to death, indulging in fun outtings, and possibly some awesome sleepovers. It’s all good! This is one amazing grandma. She wanted a few images with her grandchildren and what a beautiful family they are. I haven’t been so great about keeping up with my blog, but this one was so sweet, it really shows how close they all are.

Newbie Sweetness! {Pleasanton Newborn, Child & Teen Photography}

It’s been a long time since I have had a minute to post on my blog… I knew when I did, my first post would be from this session.     Who can resist a brand new baby girl who sleeps thru most of her session?   Not me!     Just a note on newborn sessions, I get a lot of requests AFTER the baby is born.   Please keep in mind it’s best to talk to me before the baby is born so that we can have a plan to do your newborn session at the right time.      In order to get the best poses from a new baby, it’s very important to do it before he or she is 10 days old.      I have done newborn sessions even as early as the day the baby comes home from the hospital.     The earlier – the better!

And of course the reason you stopped by my blog;  here are some images from this session.     This little one would not allow me to separate her from her beloved blanket.    It was so cute!    I just positioned the blanket so that it wouldn’t interfere with the frame and kept on shooting with it in her arms.      Sometimes natural really is best!    It’s incredible when a baby this young can already communicate her preferences:)

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